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Jazz Programs


“New Urban Jazz” Lounge with Bob Baldwin

New Urban Jazz is a fusion of Contemporary Jazz mixed with Urban and Brazilian Flavors, created in 2008 after fallout from the cancellation of over 30 commercial smooth jazz stations in the US in 24 months. Smooth jazz formats had taken a “generic” turn nationwide, and lost its audience.

THIS program hearkens back to the earlier, more robust smooth jazz formats when greats like Grover Washington, Jr., Ramsey Lewis, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and Wayne Shorter populated the sound with new directions for their music.

Host Bob Baldwinis a recording artist, jazz concert producer, and knowledgeable host, who brings you the living genre from an Artist’s perspective. Two Hours Weekly

The Roots of Smooth” with Bobby Jackson

… is a music program, that more broadly displays how music connects us to a global community. This hour-long series showcases artists playing their music, and the music of their influences both in and outside of the jazz world. You’ll hear the music of their peers, and the young artists they have influenced. It is an engaging smart blend. Hear the personal journeys of legends such as Grover Washington Jr. and Toots Theilemans as well as the latest generation of players including Esperanza Spaulding and Amina Figarova.

The Roots of Smooth puts a “human face” on the music, deepening listeners’ connection to artists who come from every corner of the globe, using their voices to share stories of how their life experiences and passions helped shape the music they make and enjoy. The show is a “Jazz Gumbo Lens”, drawing connections among all genres of music.

Multi-award winning Host/Producer Bobby Jackson, a 25-year veteran broadcaster says, “The Roots of Smooth” provides a platform for all music genres to organically coexist on the same program. The combination of music and commentary reveals music is an experience that speaks to us all. It is not smooth jazz. It is THE ROOTS of smooth. It is fun and THAT’S what makes it “smooth”(1 Hour Week).

“Catch the Flo” with Marcus Johnson

          Marcus Johnson’s Urban Jazz Radio Show

“Catch the Flo” (launching in 2016) features jazz music, both straight and smooth, Latin grooves, urban instrumentals, southern jam bands, soulful vocalists and more.  Marcus has a velvety radio voice honed as a host on DC’s WJZW 105.9 (during the mid-2000′s), and the ear of a young, progressive jazz musician. He’ll share the music he loves, recorded by his friends and colleagues in the jazz world, and introduce listeners to new artists on the horizon.

Johnson describes ”Catch the Flo“ as a “Lifestyle journey in great music”.  The show will expose listeners to a broadly defined cosmopolitan jazz scene, and its
intersection with Latin, Brazilian, neo-soul and urban music. Johnson will periodically include voice clips from fellow artists backstage at jazz festivals.  He’ll also occasionally feature guests who are experts on lifestyle topics that resonate with public radio listeners. And Johnson’s own brand of positivity, self-motivation and “can-do” spirit, which is so much a part of his personality, is injected into his hosting style.

Marcus is also a lawyer by training, and an entrepreneur — and so he’s enthusiastic about partnering with stations to create live events that increase listener engagement and excitement around the show. Our sincerest thanks to Marcus Johnson for sharing his savvy talents and giving spirit with our public radio family.

“Cool Jazz Countdown”

     Marcellus “Bassman”Shepard                  Kyle Larue

Cool Jazz Countdown is a 1-hour weekly show, highlighting the Top 10 Jazz Albums of the week based on jazz charts, listener feedback and local radio airplay. With tight copy, good production values and balanced co-hosting, Cool Jazz Countdown is a real service to jazz lovers with hectic schedules, helping them stay on top of all that’s new in jazz releases and reissues.

Hearing new music is one of the predominant reasons that listeners tune into broadcast radio despite the many options in today’s media landscape — and Cool Jazz Countdown super-serves listeners’ desire to stay in-the-know about recorded jazz.

From mainstream, to contemporary to the new collaborations of jazz & soul, Cool Jazz Countdown covers it all. The hosts also provide biographical thumbnails about the featured artists and sidemen on the recordings, as well as occasional clips of artist interviews.

Cool Jazz Countdown is a production of TenShare Media and TVM Productions. Co-Host Marcellus Shepard a 20 year radio veteran is also the Program Director at jazz station WEAA (Baltimore), and Kyle LaRue (a former WEAA Program Director and radio mix show DJ) are both well-versed in the music as well as what makes for a successful, user-friendly program.

This program is produced as two 29-minute segments.

“Café Jazz” with Gene Knight

Three hours of Big Band, Bebop and Beyond Café Jazz is a mix of original vinyl recordings with contemporary jazz releases on CD. The show is energetic, classic and classy. It is filled with lots of fulsome big band sounds, with horns that swing so hard you can almost see the suited gents moving in sync. The show also features the very best of the Bebop era and Straight Ahead jazz. It’s a feel-good program that is all about having a good time with the music.

Host and Producer Richard (Gene) Knight, has produced jazz programming since 1969, and he has amassed a mega-collection that enhances the show. Yet for all his knowledge, the Host avoids the academic approach to sharing jazz culture. He allows the music do the talking, and adds touches of history, humor, trivia, folklore and candid commentary for the audience’s entertainment. Café Jazz is produced from the studios of AAPRC Affiliate WVAS-FM 90.7 at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama (Three Hour Week).

“Return to the Source” with Doug Turner

This is the mainstream jazz show we’ve been waiting for! “Café Jazz” (our first mainstream show) has been a tough act to follow… but we have finally found a companion show that is on par. “Return to the Source” provides the polished presentation and insightful selections that you would expect from a straight-ahead jazz show, and more. It is the real deal.

Host Doug Turner, a 25-year aficionado, does an exquisite job. From the first tune, you know that you can trust this host to deliver. He makes the classics trefreshing through his selection. He seems to know all the best tunes by all the great artists… including those you’ve forgotten about. And each week he devotes a portion of the show to featuring a particular artist’s music, with concrete information about the artist’s life and musical evolution.

“Return to the Source” is produced from the studios of AAPRC Affiliate WJAB-FM in Huntsville Alabama on the campus of Alabama A&M University (Two Hours Weekly).

“Jazz in the New Millennium”

Host, Rick Mitchell

A New Jazz Show from the AAPRC

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Jazz in the New Millennium on the AAPRC Network. It’s a one-hour jazz program hosted by veteran journalist, radio host, and educator, Rick Mitchell. Jazz in
the New Millennium,
“…celebrates musicians who are keeping the music alive, and passing it forward into the 21st century.” Jazz in the New Millennium is a mainstream jazz show that isn’t afraid to explore jazz artists’ forays into other musical genres, as a part of their career journey.
The show features a selected jazz artist each week, focusing on the artists that are advancing the music in the world today. And while most featured artists have solid mainstream jazz bona fides, the host also offers samples of their work across different eras and musical genres. In the Roy Haynes episode, there will be some bebop and jazz fusion; in the Robert Glasper episode, there will be some R&B and Afrobeat. Each show is peppered with narratives, providing insight into the evolution of the artists’ careers.
Rick has been writing professionally for 40 years, primarily about music. He’s authored three books, and written for numerous regional and national newspapers, including The Oregonian and Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon; LA Weekly, the Los Angeles Times and The Houston Chronicle.  And from 2007 to 2013 he served as the Director of Performing Arts for the Houston International Festival.
As a radio host, this is not Mitchell’s first time at the rodeo.  He’s hosted music programs since the 1970′s, beginning at KBOO in Portland, and later at KPFT in Houston. Rick distills his significant knowledge and curatorial sensibilities into a potent one-hour deep-dive, leaving audiences feeling entertained and enlightened, as the show celebrates the bridge between the 20th Century jazz tradition and the new pathways of Jazz In the New Millennium.
Many thanks to our friends at WCLK-FM (Atlanta) for sending this show our way!


With Host, Rufus Harrison

The Groove features contemporary jazz artists like Gerald Albright, Marion Meadows, George Benson, Marcus Miller and Boney James — mixed with heavy weight vocalist such as Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers, Liz Wright and Al Jarreau.  On top of this, Harrison adds multi-genre musicians like Brazilian pianist Eliane Elias, Wes Montgomery and the Jazz Crusaders.  And finally, listeners are introduced to some of the new music topping the smooth jazz charts each week.

The Groove has a cool and contemporary feel, and Harrison's programming expertise reframes some of our longtime favorite jazz recordings in a way that makes it all sound fresh. Produced at the studios of KCEP-FM in Las Vegas, NV.


Jazz & Soul

“The SOUL of Jazz” with Jamal Ahmad



This show has become a kind of cultural phenomena in Atlanta (not to mention a huge on-air fundraising success), and WCLK has graciously agreed to extend a weekend version to AAPRC Affiliate stations. It’s a part of our efforts to help stations broaden the reach of their music programming.

“The Soul of Jazz” combines the best in classic and contemporary soul/jazz, international rhythms, dance music and other gender-bending styles – and this mix has garnered fans from all over the world. Using jazz as the foundation, Ahmad has managed to create a sound that blurs the lines between style and category. Mixed with jazz, you’ll hear touches of new urban sounds from Brazil, Africa, and the U.K. It’s almost impossible to listen to the show without hearing a new tune that goes on your ipod “wish list”.

Host Jamal Ahmad has honed his craft for over 20 years, and has received local accolates including “Cultural Warrior Award” by the National Black Arts Festival,and Atlanta, Creative Loafing’s Best Radio DJ and voted Best Drivetime DJ by the readers of The Atlanta Journal Constitution(resulting in the biggest landslide victory in the papers history)..

“The SOUL of Jazz” is produced from the studios of AAPRC Affiliate WCLK-FM Atlanta, on the campus of Clark Atlanta University (Two Hours, Weekly).


“The Steve Edwards Soul Show”

Steve Edwards is from the U.K., and he knows soul and soul/jazz music worldwide. Working from a very wide palate, he’s able to mix together American soul, U.K. soul, Canadian soul, contemporary jazz, funk – and even pop into great music sets. The very first hour he produced for the Consortium included DeeDee Bridgewater, the Jackson 5, Miles Davis, Canadian soul artist soul Jeff Hendrick, the U.K soul band Virbraphonic covering a Stevie Wonder tune, contemporary jazz drummer Lennie White, Archie Bell (yes, from Archie Bell & the Drells), R&B crooner Carl Anderson, Donald Fagan (half of the Steely Dan duo) and Parliament Funkadelic!. And it worked!

Having begun his on-air career twenty years ago in London, Steve knows a LOT of artists… but he also knows the engineers, the writers, the studio musicians… He has immersed himself in this music for years, and listeners are the beneficiaries. People from the industry seem genuinely happy to be talking with him, because he understands their world. And artists seem to have lots of fun with their recorded shout-outs dropped into the show.

This ecclectic, textured, diverse, and informative take on soul music is everything that public radio listeners would expect. It surprises, teaches, and entertains – and we are impressed with how much the host knows, based on how few words he has to use to navigate the show. It is Artful. 2 Hours, Weekly.


“The Wind Down” with Will Downing

The AAPRC Network welcomes sophisticated soul vocalist Will Downing, host of "The Wind Down"to our line-up.  A recording artist since 1988, Will's 28-year career has produced 20 albums, selling over 4 million copies worldwide.

Will Downing's tender, sultry renditions of love ballads
have been a universal staple on "Quiet Storm" playlists for nearly three decades.

His 1-hour radio show, "The Wind Down",  features
the music that he loves; soul, R&B, and funk — both classic and new. Each week's episode has a particular theme. The episodes range in tone from well-known classic dance tunes to love ballads.  He shares his knowledge, along with the joy he finds in this music.

In fact, Will Downing was introduced to us by jazz keyboard artist Bob Baldwin, host of "New Urban Jazz".  We are so pleased to be able to partner with the artists of our time, to present cultural
programming to public radio.

Our sincere thanks also to WJSU-FM in Jackson, MS for being our production partner and flagship station for this program.  We really appreciate their enthusiastic agreement to help us make this show available to
stations nationwide. "The Wind Down" is produced by WD Productions.





“Friends of the Blues”

Hosts James “Skyy Dobro” Walker and D’Arcy “Shuffle Shoes” Ballinger

Friends of the Blues features legends like Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and Sonny Boy
Williamson; current “unknown” wailers like Kid Ramos and Too Slim and the Taildraggers; and
regional stand-outs like “Mondo” Cortez’s Chicago Blues Angels, and the Kilborn Alley Blues

The hosts are immersed in Blues culture, past and present. True aficionados, they know the
artists, the labels, the recordings, the band members – and they do a good amount of traveling
to live blues performances throughout the U.S.

Packing in about 15 cuts per hour, Shuffle Shoes and Sky Dobro allow the music to do the
talking. They’ve mastered the short and sweet back-announcement, with interpersonal banter…
And they still deliver loads information about the artists’ lives and careers. The duo’s hosting
style is “easy”. It’s two friends talking informally about the music they love, each with decades of
live performance experiences and background knowledge.

The show just works.

“Friends of the Blues” is produced from the studios of AAPRC Affiliate WKCC, on the
campus of Kankakee Community College, Illinois. (2 Hours, Weekly)


World Music




Reggae Roots
and Culture

We're so pleased to present Reggae Roots and Culture hosted by Walter "Papa WaBe" Berry II and Ichelle Cole to public radio. As the name would suggest, this 2-hour show features that original, seminal sound that became Reggae music, and the culture from which it emerged.

Culturally astute baby-boomers will immediately recognize the show's mixture of authentic Reggae music that burst into American culture in the 70's. Originating in late 60's Jamaica, the uniquely placed guitar beat was overlaid with lyrics that were reverent, uplifting, political, and inspirational — celebrating the African roots of Jamaica's people.

Reggae evolved from Ska, a dance music that was strongly influenced by Southern R&B artists of the 50's, (particularly New Orleans artists like Fats Domino) as well as jazz, calypso and Jamaican folk music. Reggae music is aligned culturally with the Ras Tafarian movement which emerged in Jamaica around the same time.  Reggae icon Bob Marley became the first internationally acclaimed Jamaican artist in history. Through a recording and touring partnership with British Producer Chris Blackwell (Island Records)  Marley made Reggae music famous worldwide in the 1970's. His live performances were as
much revivals, as they were concerts.

Pretty unique nowadays. Reggae Roots and Culture spins Reggae as we knew it back in the day. Pastoral, sweet harmonies that expressed yearning for spiritual consciousness, justice and a simplified "natural" lifestyle.  While the show heavily rotates classic Reggae artists, the hosts also preview the new artists recording in the roots Reggae tradition.

A broadcast veteran, Papa WaBe has been programming Roots Reggae music for over 30 years. Currently at WEAA-FM in Baltimore, WaBe began his radio career at WPFW-FM, the Pacifica station in Washington, DC.  He and co-host Ichelle Cole are deeply involved in the Reggae culture and community, bringing notable authenticity to the show.  Ichelle, who grew up in a Rastafarian family, is herself a musician, and a member of the Strykers Posse Band.  Together they share their intimate knowledge of Reggae history and musical icons.


"My World of Music"

Host, Walt Richardson
Singer-Songwriter, Reggae Artist, BandleaderWe’re pleased to announce the launch of My World of Music, on the Network.  The show is produced at the studios of AAPRC affiliate, Radio Phoenix, in Phoenix Arizona, where it has enjoyed popularity on the air since 2007.My World of Music hosted by Singer-Songwriter Walt Richardson, has a strong Caribbean, African, Latin base, with blues, folk, Asian and Middle Eastern sounds mixed in throughout. Much of the music in this program is highly rhythmic, danceable mix. The show opens each week with Reggae-inspired theme music, and from there takes off into directions all over the globe. There are lots of musical surprises… pieces you haven’t heard before… many you’ll find intriguing. A hot Mambo band, a South African chorus, an Arab club Programming Page Additions & Deletions groove, Bob Marley performing live, a Reggae version of Bob Dylan’s classic “Maggie’s Farm”… Listeners can expect to hear a variety of cultures on My World of Music. Host Walt Richardson is essentially a Reggae man; A working artist, performing singer-songwriter, with a passion for rhythm and acoustic guitar.Known throughout his home state of Arizona, this celebrated son was honored with an induction into the Arizona Hall of Fame for 2014. During his 30 plus years as a both a solo artist and bandleader, Walt has toured throughout the United States and Mexico, and shared the stage with Reggae greats like Third World and Ziggy Marley. He’s current working on his fifth recording.
We love the AAPRC’s mission and capacity to pluck artists right from their organic environments… providing a platform on which they can slice open and serve up the fruits of their cultural and artistic experiences to listeners.  Fresh! (2 Hours, Weekly) Produced from the Studios of AAPRC Affiliate Station, Radio Phoenix


“African Music Series”

With Host, Dr. Emeka Emekauwa
African Music Series with Dr. Emeka is a one-hour music and information program featuring classical and traditional music by both known and unknown African artists.  Each week, the show highlights the work of a particular artist or artists, selected from regions throughout the continent. The program is a slice of life of modern day African culture and its musical soundtrack.  Dr. Emeka shares with the audience music that is not only inspirational, but reflective of African values, ethics, and the unyielding pursuit of happiness.  It’s an authentic taste of how music is integrated into the everyday lives of Africans of the baby-boomer generation.Artists are summarized and complimented with commentaries for general social and cultural enlightenment. And refreshingly, the Host also provides succinct interpretations of  the essence of the lyrics.  Many African songs are entwined with age-old proverbs, life lessons and “motherwit”. The host also shares insight into where this music might be heard, and transports us to those open air restaurants and beach bars in the evenings after work, where people gather for camaraderie, good times and good will.The show feels original and pure, and welcoming  — a chance for us to partake in the humanities of African culture — and enjoy it!Dr. Emeka Emekauwa is a Professor of Mass Communications and General Manager of WSHA-FM public radio at Shaw University where he also served in various administrative leadership positions, including Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.African Music Series is produced at the studios of WSHA-FM at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC.


Talk shows

“The Spin” All Women Media Panel
Host, Esther Armah
The Spin“, a weekly 1-hour talk show features the amazing Esther Armah as host and a power-packed panel of women of with fresh voices and fresh perspectives.  It’s a no holds barred, candid and informed discussion on the current news, and on issues like race, gender, health, income and more.  ”The Spin“ is bold, and fearless.
Esther, a U.K. native of Ghanaian heritage has been a journalist in Africa, Europe and most recently New York  where she was WBAI’s Morning Show Host for several years.  She’s a part of a new breed of highly connected and digital media personalities — and she has identified a panel of 20 brilliant multi-generational women who are media savvy and masters in their fields, or as Esther refers to them, “badass women”.
Panelists include women who are African-American, Caribbean, Latino, African and Indian.  ”The Spin” is exactly the kind of show that media organizations nationwide are seeking, to increase ethnic and gender diversity in broadcasting.  We’re especially pleased that the intellectual voltage on ”The Spin“ is high (very high) — yet these women are all deeply committed to developing and informing their communities.  Each week Esther will have insightful, passionate, and analytical discussions with three panelists about the things that matter.  This show is right in the public radio sweet spot!


  • Asha Bendele – Award Winning Journalist, Editor, Author
  • Monifa Bendele – Activist, Consultant for
  • Yaba Blay – Scholar, Producer, Publisher
  • Anthea Butler – Scholar, Author
  • Staceyann Chin – Award Winning Poet and Author
  • Brittney Cooper – Scholar and Writer
  • Johanna Fernandez – Scholar, Filmmaker, Author
  • Christina Greer – Scholar, Author
  • dream hampton - Flimmaker, Writer
  • Shani Jamila – Artist, Human Rights Advocate
  • Blair Kelley – Scholar, Author
  • Jamilah Lemieux – Journalist, Editor
  • Aletha Maybank – Pediatrician, Preventive Medicine MD
  • Joan Morgan – Culture Critic, Author
  • Imani Perry – Princeton Scholar, Author
  • Sofia Quintero – Scholar, Teacher, Filmmaker
  • Bhakti Shringapure – Scholar, Editor
  • April Silver – Social Entrepreneur, Writer
  • Salamisha Tillett – Scholar, Author

            Asha Bendele                           Monifa Bendele.                               Yaba Blay

            Anthea Butler                          Staceyann Chin                      Johanna Fernandez

          Christina Greer                              Shani Jamila                              Christina Greer

          Jamilah Lemieux                        Aletha Maybank                         Imani Perry

             Sofia Quintero                          April Silver                               Salamishah Tillet

“New Inspiration for the Nation” with Host George Kilpatrick
This show celebrates the positive achievements of African-Americans from all walks of life. It’s about people who are standing up to the challenges in their lives, their families, their communities – and owning their power to make a change.
Host George Kilpatrick talks to everyone…

  • Academy Award Winner Monique…
  • Self-help author Iyanla Vanzant…
  • Dr. Steve Perry, founder of Capital Prep Magnet School in Connecticut and author of “Push Has Come to Shove: Getting our Kids the Education They Deserve – Even If It Means Picking a Fight”…
  • New York Times contributor and founder of Resistance Media, Sheila Rule talking straight about the criminal justice system…

This list goes on.
George is about having conversations that help us all figure out how to perform better in our communities and in our own lives Each week the show explores current events issues relevant to listeners in their communities, and is fearless about discussing the difficult and most important topics. Regularly featured segments include success and motivation, financial advice, healthy lifestyles, community investment, education and entrepreneurship. The show bridges together news, community service, and entertainment.Above all else – George Kilpatrick knows how to get his guests to share what they really think and feel, in ways that make the show always feel spontaneous and fresh. He is intimate and irreverent yet sophisticated about the way the world works – and he is on a mission to make each show a “teachable moment” for listeners (30 Minutes, Weekly).

Modular Programs

“A Rich Tradition” Modular Radio Series

A Rich Tradition is a modular audio series, encapsulating  the philosophies and adept use of language by celebrated African-American writers, artists, satirists, athletes and leaders. The series is hosted by Dr. Josef Sorett, from Columbia University’s faculty of Religion and African-American Studies, and produced by Peabody Award winner, Jim Luce. Each module is 2:20 (two minutes, twenty seconds) in duration.Word Masters. Truth Tellers. Satirists. Thought Leaders.Includes voices of: Abbey Lincoln, Alice Walker, Amiri Baraka, Angela Davis, Archie Shepp, Audrey Lord, Bayard Rustin, Charles Mingus, Dick Gregory, Gwendolyn Brooks, Ishmael Reed, James Baldwin, James Brown, Mahalia Jackson, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali Nelson Mandela, Nikki Giovanni, Paul Robeson, Ralph Ellison, Randy Weston, Ray Charles, Richard Pryor, Shirley Chisolm, Tony Morrison.

“The Blue Note Sound” Modular Series – Produced by Jim Luce
The Blue Note Sound modular package contains content building blocks (narrative and classic recordings) around which stations can create a special program or an on-air fundraising special. It includes 12 stand-alone program modules. Segments are 5-18 minutes long, featuring one or two classic recordings per module, with brief, insightful narrative. Hosted by Peabody Award winner, Jim Luce.

1. Horace Silver: “Bonita” 10:37
2. Dexter, Herbie: “You’ve Changed”, “Driftin’” 15:34
3. Freddie Hubbard “Arietis” 7.07
4. Hank Mobley: “No Room for Squares” 7:47
5. Thad Jones: “Billie-Do” 8:36
6. Herbie Hancock: “Dolphin Dance” 6:53
7. Freddie Hubbard Horace Silver: 6:53
8. Joe Henderson: “El Barrio” 7.07
9. Herbie Hancock: “Riot” 7:54
10. Cannonball Adderly: “One for Daddy-O” 6:34
11. Lee Morgan: “Ceora” 7:45
12. McCoy Tyner “Passion Dance” 18:32


"Profiles in Women's History" (Modular Series)

Hosted by Gina Carter-Simmers

1.Lil Hardin Armstrong, Singer, Pianist, Composer, Bandleader (3:10)
2.Valerie Maynard, Sculptor, Printmaker, Designer (2:47)
3.Leontyne Price, Soprano Opera Singer (3:11)
4.Dr. Lois Mailou Jones,Painter (3:10)
5.Louise Beavers,Actress (2:59)
6.Carol Brice,Contralto Singer (3:10)
7.Margaret Bonds,Composer, Pianist (3:00)
8.Carol Brice,Contralto Singer (3:10)
9.Janet Collins,Prima Ballerina, Choreographer (3:10)
10.Audra McDonald,Actress, Singer (3:09)
11.Kristin Hunter,Novelist (3:50)
12.Florence Smith Price,Symphonic Composer (2:55)
13.Marita Bonner,Writer, Essayist, Playwright
14.Euzhan Palcy,Film Director (3:08)
15.Iyanla Vanzant,Author, Inspirational Speaker, TV Personality (3:29)

“Louis Armstrong Centennial Radio Project” Modular Series

Hosted by Author and Music Critic, Stanley Crouch

The Louis Armstrong Centennial Radio Project, hosted by Stanley Crouch pushes aside
the veil that exists when looking at a man of a different era, to appreciate that he was not trapped by the limitations of being black in America at that time, but a fully engaged player and sovereign of his destiny. We bring you sixteen 3-minute segments created by Producer Jim Luce, in which we hear the voices of Louis himself, Ella, Billie, Dizzy, Louis Jordan and many, many more who bring to life the force of nature that was Louis Armstrong.

1. Billie Holiday Talks About Louis’ Influence
2. Louis and Ella Fitzgerald Duets
3. The Louis Armstrong All-Stars band
4. Louis and Louie Jordan
5. Louis Talks about Bessie Smith’s Influence
6. Louis Flees to Europe and Take it by a Storm
7. Louis as a Singer
8. Louis as “King of the Zulus” – Mardi Gras 1949
9. William Kennedy (Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist) Talks about Meeting Louis
10. rmstrong Duets: Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, “Fatha” Hines, and Bing Crosby
11. Louis Nurtured by King Oliver
12. Joe Wilder (Trumpeter) Talks about Meeting his Idol, Louis Armstrong
13. Arvelle Shaw (Bassist) Talks About Being a Member of the All-Star Band
14. Harry Sweets Edison (Trumpeter) Talks about Inspiration from Louis
15. Louis Talks About His Friendship with Dizzy Gillespie
16. Louis Remembers…

“Duke Ellington Centennial Radio Project” Modular Series

Hosted by Author and Music Critic, Stanley Crouch
Twenty (20) 5-minute
Special Programming Segments

Celebrating the Music and Life of Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington

Produced by WBGO-FM Newark Public Radio
In Association with The Luce Group

“JAZZ TALK” Modular Series – Produced by Jim Luce

Featuring jazz artists talking about the music and the icons that influenced them.

Vocalist Andy Bey talks about Duke Ellington

2-Minute Modules:

1. Oscar Peterson – Pianist
2. Junior Mance – Pianist
3. Andy Bey – Vocalist
4. Danilo Perez – Pianist
5. Bobby Watson – Composer, Alto Saxophonist
6. Helen Humes – Vocalist
7. Stride Piano in 1920′s Harlem
8. Steve Backer – Jazz Record Producer
9. Cyrus Chestnut – Pianist
10. Gil Evans – Arranger, Composer
11. Gil Evans #2 – Arranger, Composer
12. Aaron Goldberg – Pianist
13. John Stetch – Pianist
14. Jacky Terrasson (Pianist)
15. Johnny Griffin – Tenor Saxophonist
16. Mulgrew Miller – Pianist
17. Horace Silver – Pianist, Composer
18. Sam Jones – Bassist
19. Jackie McLean – Saxophonist
20. Red Garland – Pianist



Special Feature-Length Programs



The Magic of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn
Hosted by Stanley Crouch

The artistic collaboration between Duke Ellington and composer/ arranger Billy Strayhorn is one of the most important in the history of American music. It’s the subject of the music documentary,”The Magic of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn“ presented by the AAPRC Network this month. Duke Ellington trusted Billy Strayhorn’s artistic gifts from the moment he joined the band in 1939, until Strayhorn’s death in 1967. Strayhorn wrote many of the songs we associate with the Duke Ellington Band today, including their theme song “Take the A Train”, “Satin Doll”, “Something to Live For” and many more. Duke said of Strayhorn after his passing, that he possessed “… Tonal supremacy… A mantle which he wore only with total grace…”.
Hosted by author Stanley Crouch and produced by Jim Luce, ”The Magic of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn“ is a thoughtful musical expose into the life and genius of Billy Strayhorn.  Throughout his work with the Ellington band, Strayhorn preferred to remain in the background.   He found creative freedom and total acceptance with Duke Ellington, but shunned the limelight, in part, because he was a gay black man living in an era in which acceptance was not the norm.
The AAPRC Network is pleased to present ”The Magic of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn“, celebrating this artist who had such a profound impact on the Duke Ellington sound, and brought the world so much beautiful music. (1 Hour)

Bubba Knight's Story: Through the Eyes of a Pip


It's not every day that artists who are iconic figures in American popular music sit down with public radio producers to lay out the complete trajectory of their life's work.  But that's exactly what Bubba
(Merald) Knight, founding member of Gladys Knight and the Pips and older brother to Gladys has done, with Bubba Knight's Story: Through
the Eyes of a Pip.  This production was conceived by KCEP-FM in partnership with the AAPRC, and co-produced by Craig Knight and Jim Luce.

Sharing hard-won lessons and experiences that enrich others'
understanding of the world, is an act of love.  Bubba Knight takes us on a musical journey, starting from a childhood in the segregated south with sister, Gladys influenced by the music of the church and popular music of the 1950's and 60's — and a mother who spotted and nurtured their talent.  Bubba offers a window into the complexities of working in the recording industry, as well as the people along the way who aided their success.

This is an informal and very personal story that could easily have been told with everyone crowded around the living room listening to Bubba and spinning music.  Somehow, Gladys Knight and the Pips have always seemed down to earth, and accessible, even though they were celebrities. And as the lastremaining Pip, we feel the importance for Bubba to document their story for posterity.

Bubba Knight's Story: Through the Eyes of a Pipis filled with music that was embedded in the soundtrack of America from the 60's through the 80's.  Tunes like "I Heard it Through the Grapevine", "Midnight Train to Georgia", "Neither One of Us", and others, are markers to which we can all trace back in time who we were and what we were doing.  Underneath it all, this is a story about family, and what can be accomplished when everyone pulls together.

Bubba CKnight's Story: Through the Eyes of a Pip was produced atKCEP-FM in Las Vegas and  Duke Markos Audio in NYC.

“Music of the Civil Rights and Black Consciousness Movements” Radio Special



SO MANY musical artists weighed in during the decades of the Civil Rights and Black Consciousness Movements… Nina Simone, Max Roach, Gil Scott-Heron, Archie Shepp, James Brown, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Sly Stone,Art Blakey, Curtis Mayfield… The list goes on! The Music of the Civil Rights and Black Consciousness Movements Radio Special takes us back to a time when the social revolution taking place in America was reflected in the popular music that was all around us.

The Music of the Civil Rights and Black Consciousness Movements is a 2-hour production that weaves together over 60 tunes, with a narrative of events, intermittent voice clips of history makers and Columbia University historian Josef Sorett. Host Esther Armah is an award winning radio host and international journalist and appears on MSNBC, ARISE TV, GRITtv and BET. She is the former host of WBAI’s WakeUp Call in New York. Born in London, Esther brings fresh vitality to the show’s narration.

Photo of Students at a Greensboro Lunch Counter on Max Roach’s 1960 LP

Written and Produced by Jim Luce and Loretta Rucker, this compelling piece of radio was co-produced by radio stations WSNC at Winston Salem State University in NC, WCSU at Central State University in OH, WJSU at Jackson State University in MS, WRVS at Elizabeth City State University in NC, WURC at Rust College in MS and KPVU at Prairie View A&M University. These stations, all located at HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) joined forces to enable us to produce this special program.

Featured artists include Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Sam Cooke, Roy Ayers, Roberta Flack, Pharoah Sanders, Pete Seeger, Les McCann & Eddie Harris, Nina Simone, Oscar Brown Jr., Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Leon Thomas, Max Roach & Abbey Lincoln, John Coltrane, Isley Brothers, Kool & the Gang, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, Haki Madhubuti, Gil Scott Heron, Donny Hathaway, Gary Bartz, Doug & Jean Carn, The Temptations and Harry Belafonte.

The March on Washington 50th Anniversary Commemoration
A Special 23-Part Series of Reflections by Those Who Stood With Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King at the March on Washington August 1963

We are pleased to provide public and community radio stations nationwide with a Special Program series, “We March On” – a set of 23 vignettes (each 1:42 in length) in which some of the heroes who stood with Dr. Kingon that historic day reflect on the profundity of the event, and what it meant to be there.

Ambassador Andrew Young, Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowrey, Mrs. Evelyn Lowrey, Dr. C.T. Vivian, Congressman John Lewis and Mrs. Xernona Clayton (wife of Dr. King’s speech writer, the late Ed Clayton) share moving testimonials that capture the awe inspiring experience of being at the center of activities on that day in August, 50 years ago.

Their stories are rich with subtext about the many efforts that led up to that march, their keen understanding of why the plight of African-Americans and minorities had to be taken to the doorstep of the Capital, what it was like to look out at 250,000 people of all races who had come together as one — and how it changed the country forever.

“We March On” was made possible by Women Flying High, and the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Our sincere thanks to WCLK (Atlanta GA) for making the series available to share with other stations.

Featured Voices…

 Ambassador Andrew Young      Congressman John Lewis      Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowrey

“GOSPEL GREATS” Hosted by Cyrus Chestnut
From KPVU, The Luce Group and the AAPRC


Thomas A. Dorsey, The Father of Black Gospel Music

We’re pleased to present to public radio a 3-Part Special, Gospel Greats – a production of KPVU in Prairie View Texas, The Luce Group and the African-American Public Radio Consortium.

Gospel Greats is hosted by pianist Cyrus Chestnut, a respected jazz pianist hailing from Baltimore, and graduate of the Berklee College of Music.

Gospel music has been a tool to keep the spiritual faith of African-Americans close and accessible. Gospel music rose to levels comparable to popular music in African-American culture because it was a source of healing, power, courage and inspiration in the face of the most horrific of human experiences. As history has recorded, the Civil Rights Movement gained its momentum in the black church.

Today’s Modern Gospel has evolved into a distinct art-form as musical legends incorporated the popular music of their day (i.e. blues, soul, jazz and hip-hop) into Gospel performances, making the message accessible to each new generation. In some cases, Gospel hits lived for months at the top of Pop Charts and Gospel Charts simultaneously.
Gospel Greats shares the stories and music of some of the artists who have had the greatest impact on the evolution of the art-form. The span of the show is broad, covering composers (like Thomas Dorsey, the Father of Gospel Music), soloists (like Mahalia Jackson), quintets and quartets (like The Caravans, The Clark Sisters and The Williams Brothers) and those who have orchestrated great choirs to blend in new urban sounds (like James Cleveland, Edwin Hawkins, Andre Crouch and Kirk Franklin).
Peabody Award-winner Jim Luce is the writer and Producer of Gospel Greats.

Gospel Greats – 3 Hour Special Program
Hour 1: Thomas Dorsey, James Cleveland, Edwin Hawkins, Mahalia Jackson.
Hour 2: The Caravans (including Albertina Walker, Shirley Caesar, Inez Anderson),
Bebe & Cece Winans, The Clark Sisters, Hezekiah Walker, Donny McClurkin

Hour 3: Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Andre Crouch, Kirk Franklin, The Williams Brothers
Each Hour is Produced to be Aired Either Separately, or Consecutively




Hosted by Jason Moran

Texas gave the world T-Bone Walker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Big Mama Thornton, Joe Sample, David “Fathead” Newman, Illinois Jacquet, Bobbi Humphrey, Sly Stone, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Esther Phillips, Joe Tex and many, many more. KPVU (at Prairie View A&M University) wants to tell us all about them! The station teams up with The Luce
Group and the African-American Public Radio Consortium to produce the first installment of a comprehensive music documentary that is sure to fascinate listeners nationwide.

Texas Jazz & Blues Greats is hosted by jazz pianist and composer Jason Moran, a Texas native himself. Moran was recently tapped to be the Creative Director at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts after the passing of Dr. Billy Taylor, and was the recipient of the 2010 MacArthur Fellowship. A student of the blues, Jason’s virtuoso
performances marries classical, blues, and jazz with the musical influences of his generation including funk, hip-hop, and rock. The Texas Jazz & Blues Greats project was right in his sweet spot!This two-hour special covers a wide range of artists – connecting the dots between jazz, blues, funk and soul music. Hour 1 includes Sly Stone (yes, funk is in the family!), Big Mama Thornton, Joe Sample, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Joe Tex, David Fathead Newman and King Curtis.Hour 2 includes Billy Preston, IllinoisJacquet, Esther Philips, Leadbelly, Bobbi Humphrey, Billy Harper, Albert Collins, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. All are sons and daughters of Texas.

This production is another Consortium-Station-Producer collaboration that marries public radio’s commitment to raise the profile of America’s original music genres, with insight into the culture, social dynamics and creative individuals that gave birth to them.

 Host Jason Moran                                    The Luce Group




Honoring NEA Jazz Masters Recipients

We’re pleased to present Masters on Masters - a tribute to NEA Jazz Masters recipients JJ Johnson, Joe Henderson and Jackie McLean - with conversations and live performances.
Weaving together narrative, three live concerts and interview clips, Producer Jim Luce teamed up with three of today’s jazz giants to create a memorable event.

  • Pianist Renee Rosnes and her Quartet honor tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson.
  • Trombonist Steve Toure and an All-Star band (including trumpeter Wallace Roney, bassist Rufus Reid, drummer
  • Victor Lewis and pianist Xavier Davis) honor the transformational jazz trombonist J.J. Johnson.
  • And alto saxophonist Gary Bartz and his Quartet honor the great alto saxophonist Jackie McLean.

The one hour show includes clips of Rosnes, Bartz and Tourre sharing the impact these Masters have had on their own artistic development, and segments of each performing compositions of these icons before a live audience from Hamilton Stage in the Rahway (NJ) Arts District.
Rosnes and her Quartet perform three Henderson compositions, ”Jet Rickshaw”, “Black Narcissus”, and “Y Todavia La Quiero”.   Steve Toure and his All-Star Band perform the J.J. Johnson classic, ”Really Livin”.  And the Gary Bartz Quartet performs Jackie McLean’s signature tune, “Appointment in Ghana”, and a tune that Bartz and McLean recorded together, ”Ode to Super”It’s high art.  And a great way to celebrate some of the transformational jazz artists that paved the way for future generations of
serious musicians. (1 Hour)



A Special 2-Part SeriesThis program is a work of art in which diligent producing, thorough research and an awe-inspiring topic all come together to the delight of the audience. “Rethinking Religion – The Harlem Renaissance” is about so much more than Harlem… or the Renaissance for that matter. It’s about that core within people of African descent that created improvisational music, and how it became the engine that gave birth to both Jazz and Gospel music.

Through a tapestry of music, narrative, and authentic voices this Black History Month special provides a lens on the indomitable and creative “souls of black folk”, and how their authentic connection to “the spirit” ignited one of the most important cornerstones of American music.

HOUR ONE : The influence of the Great Migration on Harlem, what it meant to be a “New Negro” in the 1920′s, the emergence of new artistic and religious forms in Harlem and spiritual connections between the blues and gospel music.

HOUR TWO : Guests discuss the emergence of the storefront church, improvisation in the music and in the church service, the Harlem rent party, and musicians’ roots in church.

Includes the music of: Mahalia Jackson, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Joe Henderson, Count Basie, Sun Ra, Sidney Bechet, and more.

Includes the voices of: Rev.Calvin Butts, Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston, Poet Sterling Brown, Singer Jose James, Writer Carl H. Rux, Writer Farah Griffin, Pianist Courtney Bryan, and more.

A Child is Born: Pianist Geri Allen Xmas Special

Prodigious jazz piano master Geri Allen has a special treat for music lovers this Holiday Season, in this absolutely beautiful radio special featuring Geri on multiple keyboard instruments with spoken word and voice. The one-hour program is Hosted by Peabody Award Winning Radio Veteran Jim Luce, President of LightSoundSpace Studios, and highlights the sentiment and music of her new holiday CD release, “A Child is Born” from Motema music.

HOUR ONE Featuring Geri on multiple keyboard instruments with spoken word and voice, she gives soul stirring renditions of Christmas classics. Each performance elicits the compelling feeling of hearing her in a concert hall… or a cathedral. Geri allows her awesome talent to take over, and takes us with her through prayer-like performances. We hear heartfelt comments from Geri herself about the significance of this music to her, as well as Rev. Dwight Andrews, Senior Minister, United Church of Christ, Atlanta, Georgia, Visual Artist Kabuya Pamela Bowens and other artists, producers and friends that speak to why Geri is so great in this genre.

Performances include “We Three Kings”, “Amazing Grace”, Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel”, a medley that includes “Away in a Manger/What Child is This/Silent Night”, the Thad Jones composition “A Child is Born” and more.

Produced by James Luce

President, LIGHTSOUNDSPACE Gallery and Studio

The Big Red Couch with Host Jim Luce

The Big Red Couch hosted by Peabody Award winning Producer Jim Luce is a nod to five
decades of black music that has shaped popular musical culture all over the world.

Luce mixes tunes like eclectic gemstones by musicians who have had a great impact on
music worldwide over the past fifty years. As an audiophile, Jim does not go for the low-
hanging fruit; he digs deeper into each artist’s discography to create a refreshing


Artists heard in this 3-hour special includes Joe Henderson, Curtis Mayfield, Duke Ellington,
Moacir Santos, John Hicks, Irma Thomas, Earth Wind & Fire, Albert King, Sly & the Family
Stone, Jackie McLean, Jimmy Cliff, Arthur Blythe, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Dorothy
Coates & the Gospel Harmonettes, Luciana Souza, Donny Hathaway, War, Aretha Franklin,
Gregory Porter – and many more!

Producer & Host, Jim Luce
The Blue Note Sound – One Hour Special

So much of what we think of as straight ahead jazz was shaped by the Blue Note
recording label during the 1950′s and 1960′s. As Host Jim Luce Explains, in the mid-20th
century Producer Alfred Lyons brought a divers group of musicians into the studio to
conceive, compose and make jazz records without compromise. Working in Ruby Van
Gelder’s recording studio at his home in New Jersey, and fueled by an intense creative,
collaborative, risk-taking and “hip” culture among the artists- magic happened.

The hour provide a godd sampling of music that epitomized that period. featuring
poineering artists palying sometimes as leaders, other times as side men, then inculde
Horace Silver, J.J.Jhonson, Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, Freddle Hubbard, Woody
Shaw, Lee Morgan, Billy Cobham, Jackie Mclean and more.

The Bule Note Sound was some of the most imporatnt and historuc jazz ever recorded.
and the artists that created it were absolutely essential to the deveolpment of hard bop
and straight ahead jazz, as we know it today.

Music for Martin by Solo Pianist Luis Perdomo

In Honor of Dr. King Holiday (Recorded January 2013)

During the 2013 Martin Luther King Holiday, Venezuelan pianist Luis Perdomo
performed live at the Bank of America Plaza in downtown Los Angeles in
honor of Dr King. Producer Jim Luce shares the live recording of this sole
performance, mixed with Luis’ own comments about his introduction to th civil
Rights Movements and his own musical journey form his home in Caracas, to the
jazz capital of the world, New York City. (1 Hour)




We're pleased to welcome The Agenda with host, Christian Kirk to the AAPRC Network. Christian Kirk is high energy, curious, brilliant, vivacious, engaged and intellectually prepared to deep dive in conversations on all manner of topics that affect African-American and diverse communities.  The range of her guests includes scholars, artists, journalists, activitists, entrepreneurs, celebrities and more.  She is as comfortable raising issues that people are uncomfortable with discussing, as she is delighting in someone's new creative initiative. The Agenda covers current issues and events, as well as topics and people who may not be in the news. And we love her presentation!  Ms. Kirk has an on-air presence that is decidedly fresh and current.

And we love her presentation!  Ms. Kirk has an on-air presence that is decidedly fresh and current. The Agenda is a 1-hour show, usually featuring 3 different guest interviews.  We think that this show will have significant appeal to college-educated and socially conscious listeners.  The Agenda is produced by Cubed Kreative  Media.


“Satin Dolls”

Host and Producer, Masani

The Women of Jazz

Women’s roles in jazz progressed and expanded throughout the 20th century. Their substantial legacy and innovations in jazz are undeniable. Women have moved from behind the microphone as simply, “the
girl singer” to mastering every instrument played by their male counterparts!  Not to mention that  female jazz vocalists have had such a profound impact on the genre, that many are known to the world on a first ame basis… Billie, Ella, Betty, Sarah, and others.
In today’s world,  jazz women do it all! These ladies who lead are composers, arrangers and so much more.  Women in jazz have full reign to explore their artistry, while standing on the shoulders of the many great women who carved a path where there was none.

The AAPRC network is pleased to offer a new weekly show that exclusively presents the amazing music created by women in jazz, both past and present.
Satin Dolls: The Women of Jazz with host, Masani (Ma-sah-nee) is a beautifully produced weekly one-hour show that entertains and educates us bout the women of jazz. Satin Dolls will put the spotlight on the accomplishments of these amazing women with an entertaining mix of music,information and conversation!

Listeners will be delighted by the sheer volume of this body of music, and the great diversity among the women who have created it. Black artists, white artists, Europeans, Brazilians, Asians, vocalists, instrumentalists, composers, classic artists, contemporary artists – Satin Dolls has a wealth of music to share.Host, Masani is a seasoned veteran. She’s hosted the long running program, “The Jazz Spot” on Georgia Public Broadcasting Radio since 2001, featuring interviews, produced specials and live recording sessions. Her partnership with the AAPRC has provided the perfect opportunity to turn her passion to expose the accomplishments of female jazz artists into a reality. Satin Dolls: The Women of Jazz is produced at of Georgia Public Broadcasting. Many thanks for this partnership!