We are the vanguard of audience diversity in public media

Over the past two decades, the African-American Public Radio Consortium and its key leaders have developed and joined initiatives that have made public media more inclusive.

  • In the 1990′s, we focused on consulting and training stations of color – increasing their capacity to grow and compete in their markets.
  • In the 2000′s we focused on a partnership with NPR to develop three national news/talk shows, bringing African-American voices to NPR news stations, and to African-American stations nationwide.
  • In 2010 we launched a programming distribution service on the Public Radio Satellite System. Through it, we are bringing voices of color and cultural diversity to the industry at a pace that exceeds all our previous efforts. We offer jazz, blues, soul, African, Afro-Latin and news/talk content aired on nearly 60 African-American, General Audience, Latino and Native American public radio stations.

Public broadcasting was created to give everyone a voice – a platform for broadcasting the perspectives and culture of undeserved communities in ways that may not happen on commercial broadcasting due to lack of capital. But it doesn’t happen all by itself. With our colleagues in organizations such as Radio Bilingue, Native Public Media, The Latino Public Radio Consortium and others – the Consortium has been at the vanguard of public media diversity.

We are the New Sound of Syndicated Public Radio. And everyone is invited.