We are the vanguard of audience diversity in public media

The Consortium is a nonprofit media network of close to 100 African-American, General Audience, Latino and Native-American stations deeply invested in including jazz, blues, soul, Caribbean, Afro-Latin and African music – and the voices African-Americans and other people of color into the national culture and dialogue of America.

We present the epitome of black culture with understanding, honor and dignity.

We create and distribute national media content, provide consultation and training for public radio stations and develop multi-market partnerships for outreach initiatives that grow audiences of color within the public media industry.

Nearly 60 stations (with a collective audience of 1.5 million listeners) broadcast our programs weekly. Our total network of 77 stations has a collective reach of about 2.5 million listeners.

Audiences of our members/affiliates are highly educated; 42 stations are licensed to universities Of those, 28 are licensed to HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities. (75% of African-American public radio stations, and 70% of all NPR stations are university-affiliated.)

Our audiences are diverse; 48% of our stations serve African-American communities, 38% serve general audiences, 10% serve Latino audiences and 4% serve Native-American audiences.

Our listeners are engaged, and aware. 53% of our listeners are college graduates. 70% vote regularly. 17% engage in activities that qualify them as community “leaders”. The majority fit into the “socially conscious”, “thinkers” or “achievers” research cohorts.

Our listeners care about their communities, the country and the world we live in. Our role is to make it easier for them to engage on all levels by deepening their humanity and their knowledge base.

We can do this.