A Rich Tradition

Hosted by Dr. Josef Sorett

A Rich Tradition is a modular audio series, encapsulating the philosophies and adept use of language by celebrated African-American writers, artists, satirists, athletes, and leaders. The series is hosted by Dr. Josef Sorett, from Columbia University’s faculty of Religion and African-American Studies, and produced by Peabody Award winner, Jim Luce. Each module is 2:20 (two minutes, twenty seconds) in duration. Word Masters. Truth Tellers. Satirists. Thought Leaders.
Includes voices of:

  • Abbey Lincoln,
  • Alice Walker,
  • Amiri Baraka,
  • Angela Davis,
  • Archie Shepp,
  • Audrey Lord,
  • Bayard Rustin,
  • Charles Mingus,
  • Dick Gregory,
  • Gwendolyn Brooks,
  • Ishmael Reed,
  • James Baldwin,
  • James Brown,
  • Mahalia Jackson,
  • Malcolm X,
  • Martin Luther King Jr.,
  • Maya Angelou,
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Nelson Mandela,
  • Nikki Giovanni,
  • Paul Robeson,
  • Ralph Ellison,
  • Randy Weston,
  • Ray Charles,
  • Richard Pryor,
  • Shirley Chisolm,
  • Tony Morrison.