African Music Series

With Host, Dr. Emeka E Mekauwa

African Music Series with Dr. Emeka is a one-hour music and information program featuring classical and traditional music by both known and unknown African artists.  Each week, the show highlights the work of a particular artist or artists, selected from regions throughout the continent. The program is a slice of life of modern day African culture and its musical soundtrack.

Dr. Emeka shares with the audience music that is not only inspirational, but reflective of African values, ethics, and the unyielding pursuit of happiness.  It’s an authentic taste of how music is integrated into the everyday lives of Africans of the baby-boomer generation. Artists are summarized and complimented with commentaries for general social and cultural enlightenment. And refreshingly, the Host also provides succinct interpretations of  the
essence of the lyrics.  Many African songs are entwined with age-old proverbs, life lessons and “motherwit”. The host also shares insight into where this music might be heard, and transports us to those open air restaurants and beach bars in the evenings after work, where people gather for camaraderie, good times and good will.The show
feels original and pure, and welcoming  — a chance for us to partake in the humanities of
African culture — and enjoy it!

Dr. Emeka Emekauwa is a Professor of Mass Communications and General Manager of WSHA-FM public radio at Shaw University where he also served in various administrative leadership positions, including Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.African Music Series is produced at the studios of WSHA-FM at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC.