The African-American Public Radio Consortium is excited to announce a partnership with Esther Armah to launch of “The Spin”, a weekly program bringing the perspectives of brilliant women of color into the spotlight. Esther, a rising star in public radio and cable news media has created a bold new show that exposes us to progressive women and ideas we should all know about.

“The Spin” is NOT business as usual in the world of female-dominated talk shows. Guests appearing on “The Spin” are masters in their fields and students of the world. It is smart, bold and highly intelligent radio by accomplished women of color.

The roster of regular guests on “The Spin” include journalists, authors, scholars, artists, public intellectuals and producers who are also engaged in social activism. Their voices are often passionate, and their analysis is often epiphany-worthy. They drill down on the truth about topical matters in the news, society and culture with no holds barred.

“The Spin” is a juggernaut, breaking down one more door in the social psyche regarding who gets to frame and define the issues

The Consortium’s programming network provides content with African-American and diverse voices to all of public radio. “The Spin” will become an important way for stations to address a global shift in bringing more people of color and women into the national conversation, lifting their voices from the background into the foreground.



THE SPIN: #40for40

The Goal is $40,000 in 40 Days.

Starting NOW, individuals can invest in the production of “The Spin” on, a crowdfunding website. I you liked the Pilot, help us make it happen!

“THE SPIN: All Women Media Panel” features a rostrum of Specialist Contributors from the worlds of academia, art, activism and journalism. They are Black and Brown women from right here, and they are daughters of the Diaspora, including African-American, Caribbean American, Ghanaian, Indian and Puerto Rican.

Asha Bandele - Award winning Journalist, Editor, six time Author

Monifa Bandele - Activist, Consultant for

Anthea Butler - Scholar, Author

Yaba Blay - Scholar, Producer, Publisher

Staceyann Chin - Award-winning Poet and Author

Brittney Cooper – Scholar and Writer

Johanna Fernandez - Scholar, Filmmaker, Author

Christina Greer - Scholar, Author

dream hampton – Film-maker, Writer

Shani Jamila - Artist, Human Rights Advocate

Charisse Jones -Journalist, Author

Blair Kelley - Scholar and Author

Jamilah Lemieux - Journalist and Editor

Aletha Maybank - Medical Doctor, Pediatrician, Preventive Medicine Physician

Joan Morgan - Cultural Critic, Author

Imani Perry - Princeton Scholar and Author

Sofia Quintero - Scholar, Teacher, Filmmaker

Bhakti Shringapure - Scholar and Editor

April Silver - Social Entrepreneur, Writer

Salamishah Tillet - Scholar and Author

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